Women. Travel. Social Media.

Ning and I have been invited to be speakers at the inaugural Women in Travel conference in Bangkok, and today is the day I fly up to the Thai capital! *woohoo*

For a brief intro of us by the Web in Travel team, click HERE. Very nicely written!

It would’ve been great if the BFF and I could be heading up together to share our amazing 9-month trip around the world but she’s in Rome filming for a TV special and will only be back in Singapore next month.

I’m not someone to not do something just because I have no one to do it with!

So yeaaahh, I’m flying up and sharing on our behalf! It will be a good break too after starting work at Channel NewsAsia in March, and being on a steep learning curve! I am loving my new job, but this restless girl can’t resist any excuse to travel, travel, travel. *grin*

I’m looking forward to meeting the other women speakers at the conference, listening to them, and being part of this amazing vision.

The organizer of the conference, Yeoh Siew Hoon, pointed me to this article. I just read it and even watched the little video at the end. I realize that I’m part of something much bigger, of someone’s vision, that I realize is also my own.

Have a read by clicking here. Women travelers rock!

If you’d like to find out more about Web in Travel and their events, “LIKE” them on Facebook like we’ve already done. Real cool stuff 🙂

OK, I gotta run! Don’t forget to “LIKE” Ning & me on our FACEBOOK page too.

We’re also on Twitter & Instagram. Find us at @magicbabening and @pamela_ho

Ciao for now! — PAM

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Common Threads

The BFF Ning calls me a Facebook Addict. Actually I’m not *shifty eyes* I just own an iPhone. And those of you who own iPhones and leave ’em by your bedside when you sleep, will empathize with me when I say that it’s instinctive to wake up and check Facebook, right? *shifty eyes* Right???

Well, since coming back to Singapore 12 days ago, I’ve been making up for lost time (for the many times we’ve had no wifi!). I’ve been back on Facebook with a vengeance. Those of you who are my personal Facebook friends, will know. And those of you who are on our Adventures of 2 Girls Facebook page will know too! *LOL* If you’re not on our A2G page, why ah? Why? Click here now!

The thing is, we have made many new friends in our travels. Friends from Spain, Hawaii, Paris, Adelaide, Cape Town, Oudtshoorn, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Madagascar, Taiwan, Nepal, India, Kashmir, Bali, New York City, Boston, New Orleans… oh, the list goes on! And I ♥ waking up to their FB updates each day!

My classmates from around the world at Alliance Francaise in Paris.

Chillaxing to drinks in Paris with classmates from my French class.

Home-cooked meals for homesick girls... hanging out with Denise, Cindy & E-lin in Paris, Ning's Le Cordon Bleu classmates.

Meeting our Spanish friend Rosa from Barcelona was one of the highlights of our adventures in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Our favourite Desert Child!

The odds of meeting a Singaporean & Malaysian in the middle of the Sahara Desert. But they were traveling, just like us. Hello, Cindy & Gary!!!

Catching an awesome sunset with Anita & Des from Adelaide at Tanah Lot in Bali. We met at Bliss Sanctuary for Women, and Anita was traveling alone to Bali to celebrate her 50th birthday!

These Facebook status updates help me see these friends from around the world anew, in the context of their lives. And it’s made me realize that the pocket of time we spent together, in whatever continent, was precious time that we each needed to get away from the craziness of our daily lives. And that no matter what nationality we are, we aren’t all that different.

I’m thankful today for the crossing of paths, and for friendships. ♥


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Home is where the Heart is…

It’s been 10 days since we’ve touched down in Singapore and I’m feeling unusually down today. Partly because I know I need to write, and the words are just not flowing. Partly because I know, too, that my heart is restless and it wants to be somewhere else.

Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight...

During our many months of traveling, people constantly ask us, “Do you miss home?”

Well, yah… I miss my kids, my family, my friends, the food in Singapore, but I never felt homesick in the way people living or studying overseas feel homesick. To be honest, I was happy and contented being on the road, and it felt like the journey was home.

Home is where the Heart is. And although I’m back to the familiar, my heart has expanded, and Home is much further & wider than it used to be.. and I don’t think it can ever shrink back to the confines of my lil’ island country.


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I Expect to Pass this Way but Once…

“I expect to pass this way but once; any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.”

~ Etienne de Grellet

I stuck a poster with this exact same quote on the back of my school file, back in those glorious IJ days, when I was still clad in a blue & white pinafore and had a bouncy ponytail. I must’ve been (what) 14 or 15 years old?

When the poster was eventually replaced by one of Australian tennis sensation Pat Cash, I stuck it up on my bedroom wall, facing my bed. Right beside the one that said, “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours; if it doesn’t, it never was.” Yup, those were two wise quotes I carried in my heart all through my growing-up years, into adulthood.

I’m reflecting on this partly because on my bedside table now is a book which I started reading in Kathmandu, Nepal. It’s called The Time Traveler’s Wife, and it tells of how a man named Henry travels back & forth in time, to visit his one true love Clare, and to live & relive various aspects of his life, especially the traumatic ones (like seeing his mother killed in a car crash).

I sometimes wish I could. Time travel, that is. To go back to moments in my life that I could savour again and again, to undo wrongs, to once again spend time with people I didn’t cherish before and who are now out of my life… I don’t like regrets. I don’t like living with “what if’s” and “if only’s”. That’s why Ning & I decided to put an unexpected pause on our successful careers to tick big, fat items off our Bucket Lists.

But that aside, the truth is that we only go ONE WAY. And that is, forward… forward… forward… There is no turning back, no rewinds, no replays. If you’re walking along a road and see someone who needs help… if you hesitate for just a brief moment, you’re likely to walk on by, and that opportunity is gone forever. You may think about it the rest of the day, but you can never go back to that moment.

When Ning & I were in Bhutan, we had a guide called Sonam. He is devoutly  Buddhist, and always sharing with us about the rich history & culture of Tibetan Buddhism. Most Bhutanese are Buddhists, and the whole country is bursting with colourful prayer flags, giant prayer wheels, temples, monks, and Buddhist thangkas, paintings & sculptures.

Colourful prayer flags flapping in the wing at Tiger's Nest (Paro, Bhutan).

Once, when we were strolling through the beautiful Bhutanese countryside at Punakha, heading to the Temple of the Divine Madman…

Sonam walking ahead of us in the countryside, when a flock of birds take to the skies with a grand flutter of wings.

… Sonam stopped by a barbed-wire fence to help free a child who was stuck there. She was a farm child, quietly struggling to untangle her clothes caught in the wire.

Our devoutly Buddhist guide, Sonam, stops along the way to free a child stuck in a barbed wire fence, Bhutan.

Sonam did not hesitate at all. He gently approached her, said something to her in his deep soothing voice, and she stopped struggling. He leaned over and tugged her jacket off the barbed wire, and she scurried off to join her lil’ friends down the field.

The Buddhists believe in Karma. You do good, good comes back to you. You go bad, bad comes back to you. It’s the law of the universe. And I’m sure we’ve all seen that principle operating in our lives…

This reminds me of something I heard on Channel NewsAsia, when Melissa Hyak was interviewing a panel of speakers for Singapore Kindness Movement 2011. I really liked what the Deputy Principal of Raffles Girls’ School said on that episode of  Talking Point. To make something part of your life, it’s as simple as: KNOW, DO, BE.

You KNOW you should do good, to go beyond your comfort zone and help another human being in need, we all KNOW it. Well then, don’t hesitate. Just DO it, when the opportunity presents itself. And when you DO it again and again, until it becomes instinctive, spontaneous, automatic, you BE it. You become that person who is wise and compassionate.

I think one thing I’ve learnt from my travels to the Himalayan kingdoms of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet is this. And although I’m brought up Catholic, I think there is a strong pull for me to understand the precepts of Buddhism better, because there is just so much wisdom and compassion in those teachings.

May you take this quote with you, as you start your Sunday. Here’s wishing you courage and boldness (as I wish myself, too!) to do good or show kindness, without deferring or neglecting any opportunity that presents itself to you today. We do, after all, pass this way but once.


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Come with us to Club Med’s annual party……..

G’day, A2G’ers! (my newly-minted name for you!). Wanna come with us to the exclusive Club Med party at Avalon @ Marina Bay Sands? *LOL*

It was really fun to dress up & put on makeup, and party with the BFF after 9 months of not doing so. Don’t get me wrong, we love going through the day without makeup… dressing down to shorts & slippers (Singaporean) or “flip flops” (American) or “thongs” (Australian) and just being ourselves, incognito… but there are days we just wanna glam it up a bit. Girls will be girls. 🙂

Anyway, here are some pics we took at Club Med Night 2011, and which our friends from Club Med Singapore sent us after the event. Come re-experience that evening with us…

The right place at the right time. What a venue!

Avalon @ Marina Bay Sands is built right on the water! Great choice of venue, guys!

Greeted by our friends from Club Med Singapore at the door. Hello, Naaz! Lookin' good, babe!!!

The staff of Club Med Singapore. Well done on the achievements of 2011, guys!

Adventures of 2 Girls celebrating with CM Singapore. Thanks for the unforgettable birthday experience at La Plantation d'Albion in Mauritius in Oct!

What an evening! Heading off with goodie bags, but wishing we had won those all-expenses-paid trips to Kani and Sahoro!

You can visit Club Med Singapore‘s website for the best deals & latest promotions here, or join their Facebook page & interact with them here.

Also, do join Ning & yours truly on our very own Facebook page! We’ve uploaded lots of pics of our travels there, and there will be more being uploaded in the coming weeks, once we settle down a bit. Stay tuned!!! 🙂


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It’s CLUB MED Night Tonight!!!

I must be excited because there is no good reason why I should be awake at this unearthly hour! I only slept at about 2.30am last night, and I know the BFF Ning was also awake cos we were whatsapp-ing each other till 2-ish… The difference though, is that she was working, which is a pretty good excuse. As for me, I can only attribute it to premature excitement.

Yup, yup, tonight is Club Med Night!!! *woohoo*

For those of you who have been following our 9-month adventure around the world, you’ll know that we  did a blissful birthday break in the beautiful island of Mauritius in the second week of October. That’s cos, uncanny as it may be, my birthday is on 12 Oct, and Ning’s is on 16 Oct. Just 4 days apart!

Since we’ve been friends, we’ve been celebrating our birthdays together every year. But this year was special cos we were traveling the world together and we could pick any destination in the world we wanted to pamper ourselves silly!

We were in Madagascar just before that, off the Southeastern coast of the continent of Africa, and spending 2 weeks roughing it out. Yes, we’re talking camping in the wild with no running water, no electricity, no toilets, peeing & pooping behind bushes, no phone reception, no wifi, just rowing on a muddy river under the scorching sun, trekking and climbing, with just a tent over our heads and a canopy of stars.

All we knew was that we wanted to pamper ourselves after Madagascar before moving on to India, and that one week chillaxing at Club Med’s 5-trident resort La Plantation d’Albion was pure, pure bliss.

A 5-Trident resort... Club Med's first such village. No better better place for serious pampering! *LOL*

Sunny sails at La Plantation d'Albion in Mauritius, where we celebrated our birthdays this year -- a blissful break in our round-the-world tour!

Sorry for reminiscing but I’m in a sentimental mood today. Our good friends at Club Med Singapore invited us to their annual Club Med Night tonight, and we are thrilled to be celebrating with the Club Med family after our whirlwind round-the-world trip!

It’s just been 4 days since we touched down in Singapore, and I have to admit that we’re already missing those blissful, carefree days of soaking in the sun & sea… sinking our toes into the soft Mauritian sand… lazing by the beach…


we love chillaxing at the beachside cabanas reading a book or just talking cock!

… honing our archery skills (Ning had 3 bull’s eye in a row!)…

Ning is a natural at archery!

I wasn't a natural, but I do look good with a bow & arrow and I just had fun!

… running around the clay tennis court at sundown, picking up balls more than hitting them across the net… playing lazy ping pong after lunch (we were both naturals, I’ve to say, because we are Chinese)… stuffing our faces with food, food, and more food…. enjoying the best Virgin Mojitos in the world at the Zen area of the village… playing Scrabble (Ning won!) and Checkers (I won!)….

We played many rounds of Scrabbles at Club Med, at the Zen area, in our room... I'm peeved that even though I'm the published writer, Ning won!

… pampering ourselves at the Cinq Monde spa on Ning’s birthday… oh man, that was the best… massages in private open-air rooms by the sea…

I found Ning in this position at the waiting area after her Shiatsu massage... I had just finished my Taoist massage and she looked so blissful and at peace that I had to take this pic! *LOL*

But what was most special for us was celebrating our dual birthdays at La Plantation d’Albion. We booked a table at the La Phare restaurant at the quieter Zen area and actually dressed up (as best as we could, from our limited backpacker’s garb!) for the occasion. OK, Ning cheated. She bought a new dress/top (it can be both, I swear!) while I made do with what I had in my backpack!

And after months of no make-up, we finally put on a little colour for the special occasion. Hey, girls will be girls! 🙂

Celebrating our birthdays at La Phare Restaurant at La Plantation d'Albion, Mauritius (16 Oct 2011).

The food was excellent, to say the least!

After dinner, we were surprised to hear a chorus of voices coming our way. When we looked up, we saw all the G.O.s coming towards our table with a cake, singing “happy birthday”! I think the whole restaurant was watching us and beaming at us. It was very special indeed, and I think we were both smiling from ear to ear! 🙂 🙂

A birthday cake..... OR SO WE THOUGHT!

The Club Med official photographer was going from table to table taking pictures of the guests. And when all the fuss was happening around our table, he came over to take pictures of our birthday celebration. We, of course, flashed him our best smiles because our photos would be pinned up on the noticeboard the following day!

After all, it was our birthday celebration, we were all dressed up and made up, and we thought something to commemorate this A2G round-the-world adventure would be neat.. a nice picture we could perhaps frame up for our desks at work.

Well, after the G.O.s left, and the photographer left, and we were left on our own to enjoy our very large dessert… we looked at the cake, we looked at each other, and burst out laughing!!!

Happy Anniversary?!!

The cake said “Happy Anniversary!!!” OMG.

What will the people think when they see our pictures on the noticeboard the next day?!! Two girls all glammed up celebrating their anniversary at Club Med?! *gasp* I tell you, Ning and I were so tickled we couldn’t stop giggling the whole evening. It’s incredulous!

But what made the situation even more hilarious was when the G.O. who organized this for us (she shall not be named!) came out again with another cake, a “Happy Birthday!” cake, and quietly brought it to another table…..

There was a couple sitting there having a quiet dinner. She brought the cake to them and laid it on the table, quietly wishing them. We didn’t hear what she said, but it was curious  because they didn’t get the same lavish birthday fanfare from the team of G.O.s as we did!

“Do you suppose they are celebrating their anniversary, and there was a mix-up, and they got our cake?” The BFF speculated, gasping in realization. We looked at each other, and burst out laughing again!!!

I looked over at the couple, and I really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…

The couple at the other table who got our birthday cake! Oh dear.....

But the unexpected goof-up is all part of the adventure, part of the fun, part of the memories, part of this wonderful curious thing we call LIFE. We wouldn’t have it ANY OTHER WAY. It has made our birthday celebration the most fun, hilarious, and memorable one we’ve shared through the years. Thank you, Club Med!!!

And so, back to tonight….

Do you see why we’re both so excited about today? We’ll be celebrating with our friends at Club Med Singapore, and sharing our stories, memories & adventures with everyone we meet at Avalon @ Marina Bay Sands. It will be such a blast!!!

Club Med Singapore, you better brace yourself for Adventures of 2 Girls being there tonight! It’s party time, BFF!!! *woohoo*

And one more thing: Club Med Singapore, if you ever wanna invite us to any of your other villages, in any other part of the world, you know without a doubt that Ning & Pam are more than ready to pack our bags and GO!!!

Join us on FACEBOOK!!! 

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While We Were Away… Missing TWO Elections!

I was having dinner with my family last night and my sister Des said, “You missed so much while you were away!”

My bestie Gen concurred, and the two gushed on about the two very exciting elections Ning and I missed between the months of March and November 2011. Yup, the General Elections and the Presidential Elections…

It has been so quiet in Singapore for the last (what) 4 years? And then BAM! Two elections within a span of 9 months! And while we were away! What are the odds of that, seriously?

“Wait, I got something for you…” Des says, digging into her bag and pulling out a gift-wrapped present for me. “Open it! It’s to commemorate what you missed!” She giggles.

My sister got this "Yam Ah Mee" tank top for me to remind me of the exciting elections I missed in 2011.

Upclose & personal with Mr Yam Ah Mee... apparently he became quite a "rap star" on social media during the Presidential Elections!

Of course I had no idea what the whole fuss about Yam Ah Mee was, so I googled him… To truly appreciate Singapore humour (especially with regards to politics), you need to watch this YouTube vid. That’s what small peaceful countries, with usually little excitement, do in their spare time! *LOL*

Apparently, elections here in Singapore are compulsory for every citizen. If you do not turn up for voting, you can be banned from voting in future elections. So when I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was to log on to the Singapore Elections website with my SingPass to check my status……..

This is what I found:

We've been "expunged" from the voting register... OMG.

EXPUNGED?!! What the….

My friend Jo looked up the definition, and it read: “To strike or blot out; erase; obliterate”.

OMG lor.

I followed the steps on the website, and was led to a page where I had to declare WHY I didn’t turn up for voting. I scanned the options, and picked the most obvious one: Vacation.

The reason for missing two elections... will they believe us?

A vacation long enough to not come back to Singapore for two elections? That would be interesting to explain. And we do need to provide documentary evidence, it seems.

I SMS-ed Ning to ask if she had reinstated herself to the voting register. The poor BFF had just woken up and was already heading out of the house for work. “What do I have to do?” She asked. I SMS-ed her step-by-details regarding the online procedure. Her response: “Er… can you do for me?”

Granted, she’s been having intensive rehearsals and late nights for an upcoming overseas gig, not to mention filming for season 2 of “M is for Magic” with Sinema. So, I gladly obliged since I am the freer one (she owes me one).

Surprisingly, it was easy-peasy. No fuss. That’s one thing I love about the Singapore governmental websites — from filing Income Tax, to applying for passport, to paying fines, to reinstating yourself as a member of the voting electorate. IT’S ALL VERY EFFICIENT.

I think it took traveling the world and surviving a myriad of inefficient and corrupt governments to truly appreciate this about Singapore.

And so, we’ve sent in our appeal. Let’s see what they say………

Join us on FACEBOOK! 

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We Write to Taste Life Twice

I am feeling stressed cos I deleted my Microsoft Word from my MacBook Air somewhere in India. I ran out of memory space on my laptop, and all the pics I’d taken on my camera were amassing to the thousands and I couldn’t shit them out onto my laptop. So I deleted all the apps on my MacBook Air, including my Microsoft Word…

And so now, I’m kinda stuck.

Since I came home two days ago, all the ideas and experiences I’ve accumulated over the past 9 months are swirling restlessly in my consciousness and making quite a multi-colour mess in there… it’s driving me nuts.

I’ve tried to placate it by posting pics on Instagram, captioning them, but the multi-coloured swirling mass and mess is getting angrier – I can feel it – and I know I need to get my ass down to Peninsula Plaza ASAP to ask my Apple store guy to reinstall my Microsoft Word or I’ll just explode.

I am the sort of person who needs to make sense of experiences through writing. Writing helps me reflect and organize my thoughts. But more so, writing is the vessel that brings my message out there. It’s the link from my internal world to my external world. My most natural form of self-expression.

In the midst of feeling this restlessness, I receive an email from an old friend of mine, Tan Su-Ming. Ning and I call her Su, sometimes Doctor Su. Cos she really is a doctor. As in, a medical one. But she is a singing doctor, as in she has a beautiful fat voice for a skinny girl. And she’s had several concerts at the Esplanade. She bakes the best banoffee pies. And she writes beautifully. Suffice to say, Ning and I respect her deeply.

Well, Ning had gone to see Doctor Su for a runny nose (thanks to blistering-cold Tibet), and had shared about having her laptop stolen in Madagascar. I’m not sure how the flow of conversation led to this, but the long and short of it is that Doctor Su shared this quote with her, and with me.

When I read it, it spoke directly to my soul.

I so get this. Let me share these beautiful words Su shared with us. She didn’t write them of course, it’s by the late French-Cuban author Anais Nin, who was born in 1903 and died in 1977. But as they say, truths are timeless.

“… We also write to heighten our own awareness of life.
We write to lure and enchant and console others.
We write to serenade out lovers.
We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection.
We write, like Proust, to render all of it eternal, and to persuade ourselves that it is eternal.
We write to be able to transcend our life, to reach beyond it.
We write to teach ourselves to speak with others, to record the journey into the labyrinth.
We write to expand our world when we feel strangled, or constricted, or lonely.
We write as the birds sing, as the primitives dance their rituals.
If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don’t write, because our culture has no use for it.
When I don’t write, I feel my world shrinking. I feel I am in prison. I feel I lose my fire and my color.
It should be a necessity, as the sea needs to heave, and I call it breathing.”
~ Anais Nin

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Time Travelers

Ning & I set up this blog way before we left on our 9-month adventure with lofty plans to blog regularly as we make our way around the world. But for those of you who have travelled continuously for that length of time, living off a backpack, and staying in (often) basic & affordable lodging, you’ll know that is being way, waaay ambitious!

For one, there were weeks we spent in the wild with no electricity, no running water, no proper sanitation (yes, we had to pee & poop in the bush!), let alone phone reception or wifi. Our time in Madagascar, for one… Who could even THINK about blogging or updating Facebook then?

Spending 3 nights in the Tsiribihina River in Madagascar. Back to basics!

And then, there were days we were out in the Sahara Desert in Morocco, living in cloth tents and hiding from sudden sandstorms……. The thought of taking out my MacBook Air and sitting down to blog never even crossed my mind! I was just trying to use whatever energy I had to keep cool in the sweltering heat. Brain. Cannot. Function.

Fooling around on the sand dunes of Erg Chebbi in the Sahara Desert... It was sunset and cool so we had some energy to play!

The point is: We left Singapore in March, and yesterday we came home. And although our Adventures of 2 Girls (A2G) Facebook page is growing healthily — simply because it’s easier and faster to update status & upload captioned photos — I am ashamed to say that our blog is…… well….. er…. you know….. *bashful*

And so, I do feel like what we’re gonna embark on is pretty much like… well, Time Traveling. In penning our experiences down for a book to be published by Marshall Cavendish International, we are going to relive those amazing months traversing the continents and put them down in words. And believe you us, we have a trillion thrilling tales to share!

So don’t give up on us, but keep it right here. You are going to see this website come alive through the months till we finally deliver our “baby” to you… a labour of love birthed from 9 months of travel. 🙂

Braving the snow and high altitude at Potala Palace, home of the 5th to 14th Dalai Lamas, in Lhasa, Tibet.

In the meantime, join our little Facebook community by clicking here.

You can interact with us there, we promise to respond! Spread the word on your own Facebook pages as well, OK? And tag us! :o)

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BFFs: The good, the bad, the PMS…

When I was a kid, I was painfully slow at everything. I read “filial piety” with all earnest as “final pity” (I remember Dad thoughtfully agreeing that yes, they should call it that). During our very first sex ed class, I believed that when a boy hits puberty, he basically leaves his childhood and enters adultery. Anyway.

It’s a wonder I turned out okay, not too much of an embarrassment to my poor parents (all those years with me as the bumbling first-born… what a science experiment, they deserve a medal) except for a few hundred thousand instances where I nearly tempted them into denying my existence, or at best, the family link (alas resemblance gives it all away).

So thank goodness that I’ve got the BFF (binary file format) here with me while we travel. Sure helps to up the smarts.

Now, I’m so sorry it took us so long to update our blog. Pam aka BFF (Best Friend Forever) has been dutifully updating all our social media stuff like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter (go to our recently updated contact us page to see all the links).

Me? I’ve been slacking off as usual, meeting BFFs (Benevolent Freedom Fighters aka military folks) for some BFF (Bowling For Fun) exercise over lunch of BFFs (Beans For Farting) and avoiding violent BFFs (Big Football Fans). But 2 minutes ago, I did update our Thank You page so do check that out. BeForeFinding out the changes though, do check out all our micro blogging offerings- it’d take you through all our travels through America and the visual diary is pretty darn interesting.

Some memorable things have happened to us, a few hilariously funny, a couple had one of us wanting to murder the other and vice-versa. It was the bff of times, it was the ɟɟq of times. Trust me, travelling with another girl when the both of you are PMS-ing at the same time? Good luck.

I mean. Seriously. Would you want to be around an annoying twat who whines a lot, cries SUPER easily, walks and sulks like an Egyptian during her crampy period? Exactly. Neither did Pam.

We’ve been travelling since 18 March and it’s been a blast. Hawaii (Maui, Molokai, Big Island, Oahu), Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, Boston, Cape Cod, Vermont… thus far, every moment has been memorable for us two backpacking gals.

So far, we’d managed to totally lock ourselves out of a friend’s house while doing laundry in her yard when no one else was home. All I had on was my bikini and my Puma shoes, and Pam had her undies and Jake Shimabukuro tshirt with flipflops. Everything we had- our money, phones, car keys, house keys, lock picking tools, etc were in the house.

I still blame Pam for her irrational fear of garden lizards for the yard door to be slammed, automatically locking us out. But it’s a lame US$149 lesson that we learnt from, and the incident (aka the most embarrassing event of my life) has also officially made me legendary in Lori’s respectable neighbourhood, also earning me the honourable title of “ah, the bathrobe girl”.

More on that long story in a bit (or you can also buy our book which will be published next Fall by Marshall Cavendish International). But meanwhile, stay tuned for more adventures coming up.

We’re currently in Vermont (home of Ben & Jerry’s!) and will be in New York before flying off to Paris, France. Driving has been a super breeze here in US when you’ve got Hertz’s NeverLost GPS system. In our next blog entry, Pam will be sharing some really handy driving tips and more.

The BFF Pam has been an awesome driver, if I haven’t said before. Now I’m not saying this just because she’s PMSing and coincidentally sharing the same hotel room here with me. Or that she’s miffed at me for accidentally eating the last piece of fudge we got at P Town. Or the fact that I made the acute observation that there’s a small possibility we’ve both put on a little weight.

Heh. À tout Ă  l’heure!

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