Home is where the Heart is…

It’s been 10 days since we’ve touched down in Singapore and I’m feeling unusually down today. Partly because I know I need to write, and the words are just not flowing. Partly because I know, too, that my heart is restless and it wants to be somewhere else.

Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight...

During our many months of traveling, people constantly ask us, “Do you miss home?”

Well, yah… I miss my kids, my family, my friends, the food in Singapore, but I never felt homesick in the way people living or studying overseas feel homesick. To be honest, I was happy and contented being on the road, and it felt like the journey was home.

Home is where the Heart is. And although I’m back to the familiar, my heart has expanded, and Home is much further & wider than it used to be.. and I don’t think it can ever shrink back to the confines of my lil’ island country.


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4 Responses to Home is where the Heart is…

  1. Stan Muneoka says:

    You need some down time…and reflect back of your life and journey…even after all that action fun and pleasure..there is nothing like home, family, friends and kids…believe me after you get reaquainted and caught up, the pen will flow again…happy writings..

    • AdventuresOf2Girls.com says:

      thanks, stan. will force myself to write. sometimes it’s just a matter of not thinking and writing. editing can come later. 🙂 wish me luck! – Pam

  2. jorick2002 says:

    I think as much as the novelty of travel, experiencing new cultures, food, places, making new frens goes…there is so much one can take before the old, the regular, the usual takes over and you start missing….for me, it’s people..and FOOD! so yeah. I haven’t had such a wonderland adventure as yours(nor do I know if I ever will) but it’s always the consistent and routine I do miss….

    All da best with the writings. It’ll come. JUst don’t stress 🙂

  3. AdventuresOf2Girls.com says:

    guess home hasn’t been “replaced” just “expanded”. a wise friend said to me the other day that we all need balance in our lives. and for something like 9 months of intense, emotional traveling on one hand, it’s hard to find that balance on the other now that i’m back because it’s just too huge and intense. he is right. i guess i’ll find my footing again… i just need to not be so hard on myself…

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