About Pam & Ning

A celebrity magician. A radio DJ. Both Libra girls. Both driven by a hungry desire for adventure, and a very lusty yearning to see the world. BFFs (Best Friends Forever) as different as night and day, twelve years apart but fundamentally like two peas in a pod.

About Ning

Ning aka ‘Magic Babe’ is Singapore’s first professional female magician & escape artist, a recipient of the prestigious Merlin Award (International Magicians Society), and world record holder. A graduate from the School of Film & Media Studies, she’s also received the Right Angle scholarship for excellence in writing and was inducted into her alma mater’s inaugural Hall of Fame. This FHM cover girl is also a closet domestic goddess with dreams of learning the fine art of French patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, so she can one day open a social enterprise cafe.

About Pam

Pam is a radio DJ cum talk show host, published writer, and former deputy editor of a magazine. A recipient of four journalism awards, her passion lies in giving voices to people’s stories. A graduate of English, she also holds a masters degree in Psychology. Work aside, Pam is a self-confessed, die-hard foodie who gleefully documents her food trails online. At age 8, she was bitten by her daddy’s travel bug, and has since been in a trance to see the world. Pam is also a clueless, often amused, mum of two energetic little boys. A little known interesting fact is that Pam also plays the drums!

Different as we may be in career and circumstance, we’re in sync in almost every other way. Funny thing is, people ask if we’re sisters all the time.

We love to write. We love to travel. We love to eat. We love to help people. We love life. And for some unexplainable reason, whenever we get together, sparks fly (literally) and things happen.

We’ve been involved in a 10km/h police car chase in Singapore, a near-death experience in Hanoi where our organs were almost sold for trade, almost boiled alive in a traditional Japanese onsen in Takayama, experienced a sleepless night in a haunted Vietnamese hotel, nibbled to near-death by hunger-starved bugs (who must have thought they landed on an all-you-can-eat buffet) in Siem Reap. And why yes, we get hit on a lot by guys. When we’re together.

Then over brunch one day, we were hit by a sudden brainwave. You know, the kind where glowing light-bulbs go “TING!” right above our heads…

Why not embark on a fun writing project (complete with loads of rich photos & crazy videos) to document our zany adventures together, around the world?

So, here it is… our shared writing project where we passionately share the beautiful, positive gems that life has to offer. Two paths converging into one awesome roller-coaster ride. A brand new exciting chapter in both our lives and we’ve a sneaky feeling it’s gonna take us places, and on adventures beyond our wildest dreams.

Join us, buckle up and hang on tight (a tip – don’t drink soda through a straw when reading our blog because trust us, it really smarts when you snort it up your nose laughing). You’ll enjoy the ride of The Adventures of 2 Girls 😉

7 Jan 2011 update:

Awesome news!!!!!!!!! Marshall Cavendish International will be publishing our book next year. They’re really excited about 2 BFFs, both Singapore media personalities, dropping everything and traveling the world for 9 months 🙂

There’s gonna be so much interesting stories we’d be able to tell from all our adventures! We’ll be backpacking from this March till November, so do check our blog for updates and Facebook page too!

Meanwhile, for full details, please read our newly created page about Our Project *grin*

19 Jan 2011 update:

Sponsorship is coming in!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s such a blessing that people see value in this project and are pitching in to help us in their areas for this 9-month long travel/ writing project!

For more info, please check out the newly created Our Sponsors page. At this point of time, the March to November 2011 route seems to be America-Canada-France-Japan!

Do check our blog often for updates 😉

34 Responses to About Pam & Ning

  1. Di says:

    Loved the intro. Can’t wait to read about the crazy adventures ahead!

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  3. Go girl! Or should I say girls! Time to get some of those things crossed off your bucket list! ;-D

    • Pam & Ning says:

      Yes, we will be crossing a big, fat item off our Bucket List this year… hope you are too! Actually, I’m sure you will be! ;D

  4. Nats says:

    Extremely excited & happy for your adventures to start! Can’t wait to start reading them all!!! :))

  5. Rickey says:

    Cool, looking forward for your adventure.
    After seeing your intro, i feel like doing the same thing lol. Travel the world , see the world through the lens and document it.

    • Pam & Ning says:

      hey rickey, thanks. we’ll keep you updated via this blog & our FB page as well. you can too, you know. why not? 😀

  6. steph says:

    I’ve always been a huge fan of Ning and it never fails to amaze me to see how close the both of you are! Interesting to see how you guys decided to bring your friendship even closer by embarking on a new journey, a new project together! Way to go, girls! 🙂 Keep it going!

  7. Tezza says:

    Good luck in your travels and writing your book! Look forward to it. Will read blog meanwhile instead…after I finish the Hard Truth.

    Already ‘liked’ in Facebook.

    Maybe you should put a wish list of stuff to pack on the blog and then let people ‘donate’? Just a suggestion.

    • Pam & Ning says:

      That’s a great idea Terence, will do that in a bit 🙂 Pam loves the idea too… Thanks so much for your support & ideas! – Ning

      • Tezza says:

        🙂 Wow, a reply from Magic Babe Ning.

        Something to share about long trips: Years ago, I went on a long trip to cover half of Japan using their efficient transport system like the Shinkansen and their long-haul buses. While visiting temples and places of interest, I realize that you can collect inked stamps. I also found manhole covers that are unique to each prefecture as well as cats…Cats? Yup, some places have more gingers, more calicos, etc. In Tokyo, there seem to be a lot of grey cats. So I embarked on looking out for these stuffs throughout my journey.

        My point is (took me a while to put into words) – I found that I remember better the stuffs that are not usually seen or noticed, leaving a deeper impression of those places. I think it’s because the usual stuffs can be shared by anyone who has been there, and its the off-the-usual ones that are found by you becomes your own. I hope you find it too!

  8. jeremyawesome says:

    wat am i surpose to blog about??

    • AdventuresOf2Girls.com says:

      hey jera, you can comment on anything! it’s not called “blogging” cos technically “blogging” means you are the one writing the entry! 😀 but you can read all our blog entries and leave your comments as and when you like — your thoughts, feelings, well wishes 😀

  9. jeremyawesome says:

    pls reply soon thanks!

  10. jeremyawesome says:

    hey ning do you share an account?i saw the name Pam & Ning says:
    January 25, 2011 at 4:56 PM
    Thanks sweetie… join us on Facebook too pls reply

  11. jeremyawesome says:

    hey ning do you share an account?i saw the name Pam & Ning?reply?

    • AdventuresOf2Girls.com says:

      Hey Jera, yup, this blog is shared by your mom and me… she says she’s gonna reply your comments soon 😉 – Ning

      • AdventuresOf2Girls.com says:

        yup, this blog is by ning & me, so you’ll see us replying together. BUT if i’m replying, i will sign off as Pam ok? 🙂 – Pam

  12. Ocean says:

    So happy for you 🙂 2 girls with the wildest dreams ! Can’t wait to read the stories happening along the way…. I am thrilled by what you have already happened when you two are together!

    • AdventuresOf2Girls.com says:

      thanks, ocean.. yah it’s uncanny but when we’re together, we get into lots of trouble… and adventures! will be exciting to see what happens in the 9 months we are seeing the world! 😀

  13. anonymous says:

    Can the 2 of you afford a trip like this without sponsors? Considering that you gals are paid for the book which must be a pretty neat sum of money.

    • AdventuresOf2Girls.com says:

      It’s from our life savings. We don’t get paid by our publisher, at least not yet. But we’re thankful to sponsors like Hertz, Timberland, Club Med, Puma etc for helping to ease our financial burden somewhat. We do have a sponsors page on this blog so you can check out who these good people are! 🙂

  14. Lee Lee says:

    Hey Girls, it’s past 2am and I can’t sleep. I wonder which part in the world are you now? Really envious! Do update us ya.

    • AdventuresOf2Girls.com says:

      Hi Lee Lee, insomnia? Sorry about the very late reply! I am just seeing your comment now! 😛 Well if you had sent this in March 2011, we would have just left Singapore and would be in Hawaii. Specially, in Maui catching a Jake Shimabukuro concert! *LOL*

  15. Greg B says:

    Pam & Ning (who collectively I call Pang) Where’s my gals now. We want you back on Maui. There’s too much you haven’t gotten to see! 🙂

  16. jeremyawesome says:

    cool marshall cavandish!!!!!

  17. innthewater says:

    Just check our Facebook and see if you would like and can beginning August, the “Dondra Perahera” will be there for 1 week (see Fb for some pics).
    Food for all senses !

    Your most welcome and there is 1 very basic but ok room and our area is “stunning” as well as the Southern Sri Lanka culture.
    this admin travelled long and Singapore i came/come often also, that’s how came across you 2!
    But INNtheWATER is not about me but about the coastal people, many fisherman etc. and hopefully we are creating step by step some awareness in a range of fields.

    see you
    admin INNtheWATER

  18. onceamonth4 says:

    Love what you’re doing ladies! 🙂

    • AdventuresOf2Girls.com says:

      thanks! it was a dream come true for us both and we had a blast! I’m itching to get it again, but we’re so broke. need to start saving up again! *LOL* where are you guys from? 🙂 — PAM

      • onceamonth4 says:

        Yay! Well we are super pumped for you ladies! What an exciting experience! We are originally from Wisconsin & Minnesota but have all moved to Los Angeles. 🙂

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