Our Sponsors

We don’t believe in Santa Claus, Fairy Godmothers and the Tooth Fairy but we absolutely believe in the kindness and generosity of mankind. So hey… if you’d like to get in touch with us about how you or your friends, family, colleagues or organization can help us in ANY way for our 9-month long travels across the globe, please feel free to holler! You’ll be part of the adventures of 2 girls 😉 It can be sponsorship for accommodations, flights, train tickets, car rentals, ferry tickets, travel essentials like warm clothes, good walking shoes, safety gear, meals, passes, trusty backpacks, and the usual things that 2 backpacking BFFs would need from March till November! We guarantee your name or company logo here, with extra karma points if you do decide to be a kind Samaritan to us 2 girls. As cliche as it sounds, every bit of help goes a long way. We certainly believe in angels. So… Would you be our angel? Email us for more details: ning [at] adventuresof2girls.com or pam [at] adventuresof2girls.com

Now, a BIG Thank You to our kind SPONSORS…

Mr Yeoh Teik Lee

Our biggest supporter ever. An angel with a big heart, who we are truly deeply thankful for.

“The best trips start here.” Awesome travel guide books from the fabulous folks at WILEY.

A boutique photography studio that specialises in people and sometimes, food. Both of which, the zest for life! Mr Brian Oh : We thank you for your generous donation & sponsorship. We’ll definitely find a way to pay it forward!

We personally learnt KAPAP from Master Teo & Yun Quan, who showed us it is truly possible for women to effectively defend themselves from bigger attackers in bad situations like robbery or street fights (the rules: there are no rules) where knives may also be involved. Mr Alfred Lee : Thank you for helping us save invaluable data during our 9-months of travel! Ms Sol Foo : Thanks for being an angel in more ways than one… This is for Ted! Mr Amos Lim : We truly appreciate your help in enlarging our ability to capture what we see to share… Ms Diane Ho : You’re a sweet angel, hugs and kisses to you for helping us fly.

A professional printer who loves what we do and has volunteered to be our official name card sponsor. We thank you truly for the “lifetime supply” of gorgeously printed cards!

The awesome folks who bring in Cooling Rhino, Three Legs Cooling Water & Three Legs Pe Pa Kao… thanks for ensuring we stay “cool” throughout our adventures!

The fabulous travel store where we got our Tatonka Luna 42L backpacks (as featured in our main photos) and handy Victorinox swiss army knives. Great variety of travel gear for the sassy tourist!

Mucho kudos for the fuel in advance, when we’re in the United States! What would road trips for 2 girls be without a decent cuppa? 😉

We got our adventure gear consisting of hardy anti-slip trekking shoes and warm jackets from Timberland, look out for vlogs & pictures when we’re in rough terrains!

We heart Puma’s trendy urban-sporty-chic style of clothes, shoes and accessories because they are simply perfect for a trip out to town 🙂  You can be sure you’d be seeing us decked out in Puma when we’re on the go!

We’d truly like to thank the Women Marketing team for believing in us and sponsoring us 9 full months of customised TravelSmart insurance coverage, when no one here would because it’s never been done before!

We’re extremely grateful to the passionate and knowledgeable hertz.com.sg team in helping us 2 girls achieve our road trip self-drive. They gave much travel tips as well, which we’ll test-drive and ultimately share with everyone!

Irene Ang: Our “over-achieving” multi-talented artiste friend who’s been so super supportive. Do support her new movie Perfect Rivals and check out her latest F&B venture Qafe by Night & Irene’s newly renovated bar HQ!

 Dr. Lam Ying Keat: Our dearest dentist friend who helps make people fall in love with their smile all over again. The capable business woman also manages a NuSkin business & sponsors our skincare 🙂 Great stuff, do check it out!

 Shireen Lim: Thank you for these awesome travel underwear from Earthling The Outdoor Boutique @ Marina Square. They’re really comfy & they dry shortly after washing 🙂 After using them on our travels, we 100% stand behind these handy undies!

 Michelle Ang: Ning’s mentor in all things zen and who/ what she aspires to be when she is Mang’s age. Hahaha. Thanks for helping out with our land travels and then some *grin*

 The Queenies: Without friends, the world will be a lonely place… PS: We’re missing Kris, who’s behind the camera 😉 From top left: Spanky, Pam, Natasha, Ning, Liew & Marie!

 Alan Okami & the wonderful KoAloha Ukulele family: The best ukulele makers in the world, period 🙂 Ning’s big bro is seriously Hawaii’s best ambassador. There’s no other man more passionate about Hawaii and social causes to make the world a better place.

 Beth Harris: Queen of New Orleans and our hearts. This sassy co-owner of Garden Gates hosted us when we were in Louisiana & we had so much fun at the Jazz Festival. See Beth’s pretty pictures of the beautiful Big Easy and more on her instagram site, @scootergirl. She’s really got the knack and the eye!

 Dan Foley: This talented performing artist, juggler, comedian, musician and writer had us over at his lovely home in Norwood when we were in Boston and we absolutely loved it there. He took us boating down the Charles River too. We were also very well taken care of by his wife Anne-Marie!

 Cindy & Wij: Our travel-savvy friends who initiated us into yoga in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cindy & Pam met several years back and have kept in touch though Cindy left Singapore for the US over ten years ago.

 Corrinne May: It was fab staying with Corrinne & her family in LA. Kavin would whip up the most amazing Singapore/ Malaysia food and their baby Claire is an angel. Ning took this picture of our singer/song writer friend with her baby on a windy day where we walked down Santa Barbara. A beautiful unguarded moment.