BFFs: The good, the bad, the PMS…

When I was a kid, I was painfully slow at everything. I read “filial piety” with all earnest as “final pity” (I remember Dad thoughtfully agreeing that yes, they should call it that). During our very first sex ed class, I believed that when a boy hits puberty, he basically leaves his childhood and enters adultery. Anyway.
It’s a wonder I turned out okay, not too much of an embarrassment to my poor parents (all those years with me as the bumbling first-born… what a science experiment, they deserve a medal) except for a few hundred thousand instances where I nearly tempted them into denying my existence, or at best, the family link (alas resemblance gives it all away).
So thank goodness that I’ve got the BFF (binary file format) here with me while we travel. Sure helps to up the smarts.
Now, I’m so sorry it took us so long to update our blog. Pam aka BFF (Best Friend Forever) has been dutifully updating all our social media stuff like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter (go to our recently updated contact us page to see all the links).
Me? I’ve been slacking off as usual, meeting BFFs (Benevolent Freedom Fighters aka military folks) for some BFF (Bowling For Fun) exercise over lunch of BFFs (Beans For Farting) and avoiding violent BFFs (Big Football Fans). But 2 minutes ago, I did update our Thank You page so do check that out. BeForeFinding out the changes though, do check out all our micro blogging offerings- it’d take you through all our travels through America and the visual diary is pretty darn interesting.
Some memorable things have happened to us, a few hilariously funny, a couple had one of us wanting to murder the other and vice-versa. It was the bff of times, it was the ɟɟq of times. Trust me, travelling with another girl when the both of you are PMS-ing at the same time? Good luck.
I mean. Seriously. Would you want to be around an annoying twat who whines a lot, cries SUPER easily, walks and sulks like an Egyptian during her crampy period? Exactly. Neither did Pam.
We’ve been travelling since 18 March and it’s been a blast. Hawaii (Maui, Molokai, Big Island, Oahu), Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Francisco, Chicago, Memphis, New Orleans, Boston, Cape Cod, Vermont… thus far, every moment has been memorable for us two backpacking gals.
So far, we’d managed to totally lock ourselves out of a friend’s house while doing laundry in her yard when no one else was home. All I had on was my bikini and my Puma shoes, and Pam had her undies and Jake Shimabukuro tshirt with flipflops. Everything we had- our money, phones, car keys, house keys, lock picking tools, etc were in the house.
I still blame Pam for her irrational fear of garden lizards for the yard door to be slammed, automatically locking us out. But it’s a lame US$149 lesson that we learnt from, and the incident (aka the most embarrassing event of my life) has also officially made me legendary in Lori’s respectable neighbourhood, also earning me the honourable title of “ah, the bathrobe girl”.
More on that long story in a bit (or you can also buy our book which will be published next Fall by Marshall Cavendish International). But meanwhile, stay tuned for more adventures coming up.
We’re currently in Vermont (home of Ben & Jerry’s!) and will be in New York before flying off to Paris, France. Driving has been a super breeze here in US when you’ve got Hertz’s NeverLost GPS system. In our next blog entry, Pam will be sharing some really handy driving tips and more.
The BFF Pam has been an awesome driver, if I haven’t said before. Now I’m not saying this just because she’s PMSing and coincidentally sharing the same hotel room here with me. Or that she’s miffed at me for accidentally eating the last piece of fudge we got at P Town. Or the fact that I made the acute observation that there’s a small possibility we’ve both put on a little weight.
Heh. À tout à l’heure!

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