Come with us to Club Med's annual party……..

G’day, A2G’ers! (my newly-minted name for you!). Wanna come with us to the exclusive Club Med party at Avalon @ Marina Bay Sands? *LOL*
It was really fun to dress up & put on makeup, and party with the BFF after 9 months of not doing so. Don’t get me wrong, we love going through the day without makeup… dressing down to shorts & slippers (Singaporean) or “flip flops” (American) or “thongs” (Australian) and just being ourselves, incognito… but there are days we just wanna glam it up a bit. Girls will be girls. 🙂
Anyway, here are some pics we took at Club Med Night 2011, and which our friends from Club Med Singapore sent us after the event. Come re-experience that evening with us…

The right place at the right time. What a venue!

Avalon @ Marina Bay Sands is built right on the water! Great choice of venue, guys!

Greeted by our friends from Club Med Singapore at the door. Hello, Naaz! Lookin' good, babe!!!

The staff of Club Med Singapore. Well done on the achievements of 2011, guys!

Adventures of 2 Girls celebrating with CM Singapore. Thanks for the unforgettable birthday experience at La Plantation d'Albion in Mauritius in Oct!

What an evening! Heading off with goodie bags, but wishing we had won those all-expenses-paid trips to Kani and Sahoro!

You can visit Club Med Singapore‘s website for the best deals & latest promotions here, or join their Facebook page & interact with them here.
Also, do join Ning & yours truly on our very own Facebook page! We’ve uploaded lots of pics of our travels there, and there will be more being uploaded in the coming weeks, once we settle down a bit. Stay tuned!!! 🙂



    1. hey clara, of cos we do. but that depends on what kind of place you like, how adventurous you are etc. we loved santorini in greece and it’s so beautiful to rent an ATV and just explore the greek island alone. we didn’t find it dangerous. even NYC or paris are lovely to explore alone, cos of the amazing metro system. but you’ll need to be careful. we have loads of tips for you! 🙂 where are you thinking? at least, which continent? 🙂

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