The BFF Ning calls me a Facebook Addict. Actually I’m not *shifty eyes* I just own an iPhone. And those of you who own iPhones and leave ’em by your bedside when you sleep, will empathize with me when I say that it’s instinctive to wake up and check Facebook, right? *shifty eyes* Right???
Well, since coming back to Singapore 12 days ago, I’ve been making up for lost time (for the many times we’ve had no wifi!). I’ve been back on Facebook with a vengeance. Those of you who are my personal Facebook friends, will know. And those of you who are on our Adventures of 2 Girls Facebook page will know too! *LOL* If you’re not on our A2G page, why ah? Why? Click here now!
The thing is, we have made many new friends in our travels. Friends from Spain, Hawaii, Paris, Adelaide, Cape Town, Oudtshoorn, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Madagascar, Taiwan, Nepal, India, Kashmir, Bali, New York City, Boston, New Orleans… oh, the list goes on! And I ♥ waking up to their FB updates each day!

My classmates from around the world at Alliance Francaise in Paris.
Chillaxing to drinks in Paris with classmates from my French class.
Home-cooked meals for homesick girls... hanging out with Denise, Cindy & E-lin in Paris, Ning's Le Cordon Bleu classmates.
Meeting our Spanish friend Rosa from Barcelona was one of the highlights of our adventures in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. Our favourite Desert Child!
The odds of meeting a Singaporean & Malaysian in the middle of the Sahara Desert. But they were traveling, just like us. Hello, Cindy & Gary!!!
Catching an awesome sunset with Anita & Des from Adelaide at Tanah Lot in Bali. We met at Bliss Sanctuary for Women, and Anita was traveling alone to Bali to celebrate her 50th birthday!

These Facebook status updates help me see these friends from around the world anew, in the context of their lives. And it’s made me realize that the pocket of time we spent together, in whatever continent, was precious time that we each needed to get away from the craziness of our daily lives. And that no matter what nationality we are, we aren’t all that different.
I’m thankful today for the crossing of paths, and for friendships. ♥



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