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5 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Kenneth says:

    Hi Ladies,
    Hope you are enjoying yourselves and wishing I had embarked on a similar trip in my younger days.

    I am not sure if you have already lined up your accommodation in Paris yet. Given that your would have quite a long stay there, I’m passing you a contact for an apartment that I stayed in when I visited Paris with my family a couple of years ago. I stayed in the apartment for 6 days and found it very pleasant and cheap by Paris standards. It was also in a nice peaceful neighbourhood with amenities within walking distance. The owner is a French lady who is currently working in the US. She is easy to deal with and very accommodating. Only drawback about the apartment is that the circuit breaker for the electricity supply tends to trip if you use too many appliances at the same time.
    Check out the link :
    Well do take care and have a safe journey.


  2. dragonflyin says:

    Hi! Are you girls coming by Chicago? I’m a singaporean girl living in Chicago and I did a one month trip around the US last year, will be more than happy to share some must-go places! And remember to hydrate and have fun, sometimes long travels get really intense and tiring! 🙂 bon voyage!

    • says:

      Gosh sorry for the delay in reply. We just got back to Singapore and are only now going through all our comments! 😛 Yes, we did end up in Chicago but only for a night or two. We took the Amtrak (California Zephyr) en route to New Orleans via Memphis. If we had read that earlier, we would’ve contacted you! 😦 Are you on Facebook, babe? If so, please come add us at and tell us you’re our Chicago friend. We’ll add you from there, and who knows? When we are next back in the US, we’ll come look for you! 🙂 How long will you be in Chicago? Are you based there for work? — Pam

  3. Cheryl & Liz says:

    Hey Ning & Pam!
    Like you, we’re 2 Singaporean girls who decided to leave our lovely jobs to venture out into the big, bad world. (We started in New Zealand, then realised that the furthest we could possibly go was South America, so we’ve been here for the past 6 months.) If we hadn’t named our own blog, we’d probably have named it Adventuresof2Girls! 🙂

    We’ve been meaning to get in touch with you girls for some time now, ever since we learnt about your adventure on Sol Foo’s facebook page (she’s Cheryl’s diving buddy!). We embarked on our own adventure around the same time that you set off for yours, and it was really great hearing about kindred spirits. Reading about the strange situations that you’ve gotten yourselves into really makes us feel better about our own silly circumstances (including singing Majulah Singapura during a close encounter with guerrillas and their bombs in Colombia, fighting with a man who wore underwear on his head in Peru, and staying with an ex-drug lord in NZ)!

    Anyway, here’s wishing you all the best, and keep those lovely Santorini photos coming.

    Cheryl & Liz

    • says:

      Hi Cheryl & Liz, where are you girls at now??? 🙂 We just got back to Singapore 3 days ago, after making us way through the African continent from the North (Morocco & Sahara Desert) to the South (Cape Town) to Madagascar, then to Mauritius, India, Kashmir, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, then spending a week to recup in Bali before coming home. I’m already missing the blissful, carefree life! 😦 When are you girls coming back? We should meet up and catch up! 🙂 Man….. so much more of the world to see!!!

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