Hey folks…
As some of you know, yours truly succumbed to the nasty viral bug over the weekend and had to wear a face mask whenever I went out for meetings. Pam actually said I looked like a mugger with my face covered. Grrrr. Thanks BFF…
Anyway, being stuck home most of the time has made me more productive and focused in a way. During moments when I wasn’t feeling woozy, I made time to create two new pages on our website:
The first is our wish list, which many friends have insisted we put together so they know how to pitch in to help. Meeting more people like travel-savvy Hedy Mok who runs Eurotours & Travellers Choice Holidays, the BFF & I both realized we’d reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaally need all the help we can get because our pool of personal funds are limited.
The other webpage I just created is dedicated to all the Adventures of 2 Girls doodles and cartoon strips I draw 🙂 I’m not professionally trained but I’ve always loved doodling cartoons ever since I was a little girl. Do check it out and feel free to comment. Haha 🙂
Meanwhile, what made me smile was something that just came in the mail… My Le Cordon Bleu package from Paris finally arrived! Some good things are just worth waiting for.

I found the above info very interesting (it also helped that it wasn’t in French) and remarkably  insightful. Looking through the official documents, I also found a notice instructing all Le Cordon Bleu students to buy the proper professional chef clogs, so I guess I’ll be needing to do some necessary shopping before school starts in Summer *grin*
Thus far, Pam & I have confirmed our flight out of Singapore on 18 March 2011 (no longer 3/3/11). We’ll be heading out to Honolulu, with a chance that we may catch my uke hero Jake Shimabukuro perform in the island of Maui the evening after we touch down.
We will be in Hawaii for about 3 weeks before we do our Canada/ USA road trip, via driving (we both have our international driver’s license) and using Greyhound. I’ll let Pam share the tentative travel route with you in a bit… the BFF will be blogging soon 🙂
Come Summer, we will be in France where I’ll be in Le Cordon Bleu doing my patisserie course this June till August. That itself will be either be an adventure or disaster. Maybe both. Well, we will see. But Magic Babe is really no Julia Child.
Righty, I’m going to lay down now cos my meds are making me drowsy. A big shout out of thanks to my favorite GP in the whole wide world, Dr Tan Su-Ming of Changi Clinic!
Quote of the Day: “An old friend will help you move. A good friend will help you move a dead body.” – Jim Hayes

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