It’s a Sunday afternoon, and I’ve plonked myself at Wang (somewhere across the island from my house & in unfamiliar territory) to spend some quiet time writing. It’s been a while since I’ve had time to do this, and it’s Quiet Bliss.

A quiet afternoon afternoon away from home to write.

It’s less than 8 weeks to the day we leave Singapore, and already it feels like the beginning of the end. I’ve never been away from home for 9 months before – the longest being 2 weeks. And definitely not apart from my two little boys for that long.
As a mum, it’s almost a bittersweet feeling.
Today, I set up Skype on my iPhone and added my two boys – who are already on Skype. In fact, they are tech-savvy lil’ critters, and have been urging me to get on Skype for the longest time.

I have a Skype account but (as usual) forgot my ID and password, so it’s just been sitting there, unused. Besides, why do we need to Skype when we see each other everyday? But I realise with a heavy heart that I won’t wake up to J & J every morning soon, and hear their *loud* voices, arguing about Black Shot, or reporting to me that the other has not brushed his teeth….
Immediately after I added them, I bounced out of the room to tell them to accept my request. They were playing Black Shot as usual. “Wait, mum,” J1 replied with a lazy drawl, his eyes glued on the computer screen where he was trying to kill off his brother. “We’re busy…”
J & J... whom I will miss dearly.

Well, the long and short of the story is that we’re now connected on Skype. I’ve yet to figure our how the video calling works, with my iPhone 3GS. If they see me, I can’t see them. And if I see them, they can’t see me. Hmm.
In any case, I don’t know how I will fare being apart from my lil’ darlings for so long. If anyone out there would like to sponsor them to Paris in June, I’ll kiss your feet!
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    1. thanks shaan… *hug* i still feel heavy hearted but i will do my best to share my adventures with them on the road via skype. i was bitten my dad’s travel bug at 8, maybe they’ll be bitten by mine at 10.

  1. They’ll do fine. Kids are adjustable critters and we don’t give them enough credit for being able to withstand much. Absence does make the heart grow fonder and yes, technology helps greatly! So you go, live ur dream so that your boys can know the real meaning of it!

    1. Hi Jo, thank you for your support and encouragement! It means more coming from a mummy friend… I’ll try my best to keep in touch with them, share my travel stories over Skype… and hopefully when they grow up, they will believe too that they can live their wildest dreams.

  2. i really think boys will be fine, really. they’ll miss you, but they’ve their Black Shot and other loved ones around plus school. when i went to NY for 3 months without ashley, i left heavy-hearted too, not to mention the mummy guilt. but i thought it was a change of a lifetime and i had to do it, you know. skyping with her daily really helped. could be up to date with her everyday life, plus saw that she was perfectly happy without me. we live only once, and sometimes, we just have to live for ourselves – or we’ll lose ourselves. like shaan said, your experiences will make you a better person and you’ll be a better mum too, enhanced bedtime stories or otherwise.

    1. wow…. i didn’t know you left ashley behind. but yes, i agree with you chris. we can do our best to have both, and i want to make the most of these 9 months to travel and write (which is top of my bucket list) but i also want to do my best to keep in touch and share all my adventures with my boys. I hope they won’t tell me, “mom, i’m busy!” when i call.. *LOL* they are the sweetest and i believe they will have a wonderful time with daddy, doing boy stuff. i just gotta trust that it will work out and they – and i – will be ok apart.

  3. you? you’ll miss them alot, i’m sure. esp when it’s late at night and all’s quiet. but, taken in perspective, it’s only 9 months, really, in an entire lifetime you have with them, for this chance of a lifetime you may never get again. they won’t be much affected and you – it could change your life and perspective. it’s sthg that when you look back when you’re old, you’ll say, it was (one of) the best things that happened to you. also, in the day, when you’re out and about and taking in all the new experiences, you won’t have time to feel sad, only excited to share your stories with your friends/family/kids. and, you’ve Ning with you! good luck!

    1. thanks, chris! vic inspired me a lot cos i thot i could never do it… but yes, i will miss the boys. there is no way i won’t miss them! but i’ll do my best to skype them, show them where i am on my video cam, tell them my travel stories, and make sure they feel remembered and loved thru the months. I hope they will be bitten by my travel bug too (like i was bitten by my dad’s!) and that they will one day have similar adventures of their own around the world!

  4. Alamak. Now then I find your blog. What’s the matter with me?! And I see all the Vanilla/Mother&Baby kaki are here! *wave*
    My parents abandoned me for 2 years when I was 4 β€” they had scholarships to study nursing in London. But I grew up fine, reading the mountains of books they left me and when they were back my childhood was filled with stories (and cuisine) from their days in London. Black tea and marmalade sandwiches. And toffees.
    So just remember to Skype a lot, and bring back goodies. Lots of goodies. (I don’t mind some also.)

    1. Gosh, i didn’t know that too… your parents took off to study nursing for 2 years? wow! :0
      I’m learning so many new things about my friends! *hug* yah the boys set up skype way before me, and they were bugging me too. no i need them to teach me how to use! *LOL*
      We will surely bring back goodies for you, Threez! And we will meet when we are back to share our stories! :o)

  5. Pam, if someone is willing to pay my paintings in June, I would like to donate the fees to sponsor your boys to paris!:)
    I love Paris! I am sure they will love it too.

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