Ning’s Comic Strip

Hey stranger 😉

This is the page where I post doodles and comic strips I personally draw about us – The Adventures of 2 Girls. Yours truly is in no way trained professionally, so this is a “creative outlet” of sorts *grin* Some of our friends have insisted I put them up, so here you go… We may include some of them in our book to be published by Marshall Cavendish International come Fall 2012. We’ll see how that goes 🙂 Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these little pieces of love. Critique & comments are most welcome!


Ning on 26/1/11

This really did happen the last time the BFF & I went to a French creperie in Singapore, located in town, near the Mint museum of Toys. Entre Nous is run by a gorgeous French couple from Brittany and while the lady boss speaks perfect English, I was trying to work my rusty elementary-level French. Hence, hilarity ensued. Heh. I hope we survive Paris when I’m there this Summer for my 3-month stint at Le Cordon Bleu!

Ning on 28/1/11

Righty, so this isn’t exactly a doodle/ cartoon strip… But this is my very first attempt at stop animation, and I thought it apt for the magician in me to let it spill out since it is afterall, the (y)ear of the Rabbit… ahahahaha… Happy Chinese New Year 🙂

Ning on 2/2/11 (Eve of CNY)




10 Responses to Ning’s Comic Strip

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  4. jeremyawesome says:

    hey ning its me

    • says:

      hey jera this is not a comment! *LOL* a “comment” is like when you read something, then respond by sharing your thoughts & feelings! canz? you are so cute lah! 😛 – Pam

  5. Ocean says:

    Cool! I love this section. Looking forward for more!:)

    • says:

      Haha, thanks Ocean 🙂 Will doodle more when inspiration hits me for sure! – Ning

    • says:

      hey ocean, i love this section too. and i am looking forward to more from ning too! she’s very talented and has a great sense of humour! 😀 — Pam

  6. Beverly Mercader says:

    Goodness me. Aren’t you two a bit scared? Anyways, love to read your postings and of course the doodles! Take good care girls…

    • says:

      Hi Beverly! Er…. scared about what? 🙂 Well there were moments we were a little nervous about being out late at night (eg after movies or musicals or missing the train) but we kept alert and watched out for each other. No, it’s not that bad traveling as 2 girls, if you are very careful. It’s all part of the adventure of seeing the world I guess. Where are you based? Did you miss your country? 🙂 — Pam

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