No-Pay Leave Approved!

I stepped into the office two days ago, opened my inbox, and greeting me was an email from HR saying that my request for one-year, no-pay leave has been approved.
I almost fell off my chair in excitement… it was minutes before I went on-air so I couldn’t break the news to everyone. The first person I SMS-ed was, of course, Ning.
The idea of traveling and writing together was birthed many months ago…. from moments of lazy daydreaming that gained momentum and were fueled by a restlessness to do something more exciting with our lives! *LOL*
Waaat…. we are adrenaline junkies mah.
Thing is, both are us love our careers, we love what we do, and we are successful in it.
Magic is Ning’s life and she has a very strong & loyal following here in Singapore, and around the world. I host a ‘live’ radio talk show on Singapore’s national broadcaster – the longest-running English chat show on radio (which turns 75 this year!). So taking a BREAK from our successful careers is damn scary lor.
It’s not the “push” factors that are fueling this adventure, but the irresistible “pull” of seeing the world together and writing about our adventures. And we always have adventures when we travel together! *LOL* We’ll share more in this blog…  but you can start by reading our About Pam & Ning page.

Read "About Pam & Ning" to understand why this blog!

In any case, an idea remains an idea until you start declaring it to people.  And we did -starting with our families and closest friends. And I have to say that Ning’s family and my family are the most supportive, loving and generous people in the world. They threw their support behind us 100%, even though they probably didn’t understand the compulsion for us to do this. And I guess that gave us the confidence… and courage… to break the news to our bosses.
To take no-pay leave beyond 6 months at my company, the request goes through many, MANY levels of approval. All the way up to the big boss. You can’t imagine how restless I was waiting for a response from HR. I think I emailed Adeline 100x, with the subject title, “Any updates???” *LOL*
Well it finally came 2 days ago. My last day is 28 Feb, and come March 2011…….. Adventures of 2 Girls begins!!!
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  1. I am SOooOOoooo envious!!! Your Bucket list comes alive!!! I wish you both all the very best on your adventures. Any trouble, use ur martial arts skills and Ning can use her magic! Perfect Match!!! 😉

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