Our Project

“It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln

Hey stranger! Welcome to our blog. We are Pam & Ning, and the 2 of us girls are having a baby.

We are giving birth to a 9-month travel adventure, which will be compiled into a book that will be published in 2012 by international book publisher, Marshall Cavendish.

Here, you’ll find a ‘live’ glimpse of our book project, where we will passionately blog & vlog about our daily adventures on the road. Our personal accounts will be raw, uncensored and as true to life as it gets!

Pam with the biggest nut in the world, the Coco de Mer, from Seychelles!

Do join our Facebook page too for the latest pictures, news and updates! We’ve been blessed with having some really fantastic sponsors, so there’s prizes to be won in our fun online contests as well!

Best Friends Forever (BFFs for short), we will be traveling from March till November 2011, backpacking from sunny Singapore to different countries, islands, towns and cities; trudging on paths less taken, to simply experience a journey of a lifetime and share it with you. We truly hope to inspire the traveller in you as well. The world is your oyster!

Ning says “GO!!!”

We will be leaving behind our beloved ones, careers that we are deeply passionate about, cosy comforts and material possessions… and will only have the few scarce pieces of clothing and necessities that can fit inside our backpacks.

It’s gonna be the absolute bare essentials. No favorite Hello Kitty keychains, cutesy mobile phone danglies, or sassy make-up slates with a pro range of sexy eye shadow.

Will Magic Babe be able to backpack for 9 months?

Backpacking across the world for 9 months will be a real challenge because we’ve never done anything like this before BUT we always believe in challenging ourselves, conquering fear and passionately living life.

Of course there’s the typical questions to ponder, the usual worry that clouds over, doubts that may occasionally bubble up since we’re really 2 city girls who aren’t exactly Lara Croft material. But this is simply something on our bucket list we’ve gotta do and if not now, then when?

Hugs, love and warmest wishes…
Pam & Ning

Pam wants to remind y’all to regularly check out Facebook.com/Adventuresof2Girls

9 months. 39 weeks. 273 days. 6 574 hours. 23 667 694.5 seconds. A lifetime of friendship & adventure.

2 Responses to Our Project

  1. innthewater says:

    You both are most welcome to INNtheWATER.
    “the most southern point of Sri Lanka in the back of our seaside garden and that happen to be a “Makarakatha” (Dragon Mouth) !

    It’s stunning beautifull and special.
    In the first week of August there will be the annual “Dondra (town) Perahera”. (for some info and pics go to our Facebook)
    adviseble for everyone.

    If you both come during “your both pregnacy period” as admin i can offer you adventure, also sea-adventure.
    With some nights at INNtheWATER (very basic room, but ok) with stunning seaview and area!
    Could prepare a sea safari followed by a landsafari, with night(s) in the jungle with leopards and elephants etc. !
    All normally done from within our culture, the coastel belt people, local boat will be used. (sea Fb)
    Besides our place Sri Lanka itself has lots to offer and transport and food is cheap. Spicy spices !
    1 month visa on arrival for US$ 25. etc. etc.
    (just check our Facebook once)

    admin INNtheWATER

    • AdventuresOf2Girls.com says:

      Hello! we’d love to! are you on our Facebook page? if so, drop us a message there. When we get the chance, we’d love to visit Sri Lanka. We didn’t manage to go there on our round the world trip, unfortunately!

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