April 26, 2012

Women. Travel. Social Media.

Ning and I have been invited to be speakers at the inaugural Women in Travel conference in Bangkok, and today is the day I fly up to the Thai capital! *woohoo*
For a brief intro of us by the Web in Travel team, click HERE. Very nicely written!

It would’ve been great if the BFF and I could be heading up together to share our amazing 9-month trip around the world but she’s in Rome filming for a TV special and will only be back in Singapore next month.
I’m not someone to not do something just because I have no one to do it with!
So yeaaahh, I’m flying up and sharing on our behalf! It will be a good break too after starting work at Channel NewsAsia in March, and being on a steep learning curve! I am loving my new job, but this restless girl can’t resist any excuse to travel, travel, travel. *grin*
I’m looking forward to meeting the other women speakers at the conference, listening to them, and being part of this amazing vision.
The organizer of the conference, Yeoh Siew Hoon, pointed me to this article. I just read it and even watched the little video at the end. I realize that I’m part of something much bigger, of someone’s vision, that I realize is also my own.
Have a read by clicking here. Women travelers rock!
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Ciao for now! — PAM

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