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Women take the lead in online travel arena.

Ning and I have been invited to be featured at the inaugural Women in Travel conference in Bangkok, and today is the day I fly up. 

It would’ve been great if the BFF and I could be heading up together to share our amazing adventures but she’s in Rome filming for a TV special and will only be back in Singapore next month. 

I’m not someone to not do something just because I have no one to do it with!

So yeaaahh, I’m flying up myself and sharing on our behalf! It will be a good break too after starting work at Channel NewsAsia and being on a steep learning curve! I am loving my new job so much, but this restless girl can’t resist any excuse to travel, travel, travel. *grin* 

Anyway, the conference organizer, Yeoh Siew Hoon, pointed me to this article and I’d love to share it:







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