To Pee or Not to Pee…

… that is the question.
Shakespeare aside, I remember needing to pee urgently while planting trees in the middle of the Horqin Desert in Inner Mongolia. We’d trekked all the way out to the middle of nowhere, and there were people everywhere, with no portable toilet in sight.
Driving up to Malaysia, I’ve also had to pee while on the highway, shifting on my seat, looking out for the next pee stop, which could be 10km away…
I love being a girl, but it’s a very bad thing… a very bad thing… when you need to pee urgently. So this is for me pee saviour from heaven.

Pee like a man!

My good friend Shaan Moledina actually got it years ago when we were colleagues at Vanilla magazine (MediaCorp Publishing). Shaan wrote our travel columns and featured this on her product spread. Can’t believe she wrote about it without trying it… Shaan, what sort of journalist are you?! o.O
Well, the long (no pun intended) and short of it is: It’s NEW. According to the instructions we found, this pee thing is made of special material that repels liquid. So after you use it, you can keep it without washing. Or after I use it, I can pass it to Ning to use, without washing. And all our pee will just slide right off.
And wait a minute… the instructions say, “Just lift your skirt or unzip your fly”. Gasp, no need to pull down your pants?!!
I’m thinking US Road Trip.
Where the hell is the next pee stop? Die, I need to pee… I need to pee…. Do you think I should pull down my pants by the side of the highway, and squat down, have my butt be scratched by the tall grass and risk having truckers get a peek of my yellow ass?
This purple pee thing + a mineral water bottle should do the trick. Neat!
Planning our US Road Trip w Shaan, Corrinne & Deb!

Shaan passed the pee thing to us on Friday when we met up with her, Corrinne (yes, Corrinne May the singer-songwriter!) and Deborah Chew from Caelan and Sage to plan for our US Road Trip. All 3 girls have lived or travelled or done road trips in the US, and it was so fun chatting with them!!!
We plonked ourselves at PS Cafe @ Dempsey with maps & guide books from 3pm and left just before 8pm! *LOL*
Ning & I learnt so much, and are excited to announce that we have a rough plan for our US Road Trip now, so USA… here we come!!!
Coming back to the pee thing, I think they sell it at adventure stores like Outdoor Life at Novena Square… This one is manufactured by Astonix Life Science. It’s called Whiz Freedom. Lookin’ forward to the freedom while we whiz around.. Wee whiz!
Here’s the link. Have fun pee-ing, girls!!! *wink*


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