Why isn't there travel Insurance coverage for 9 months?

When we decided to embark on this crazy round-the-world adventure, the first thing we did was to look for the right travel insurance policy. For two women travelers, away for 9 months, being covered for emergencies and unforeseen circumstances is so important.
Who would have guessed that travel insurance was the first thing we embarked on and the last to be settled? Believe it or not, we found nothing out there that covers women travelers for such a lengthy period of time.
We’ve checked with numerous insurance companies in Singapore, and none have travel insurance policies that cover travelers going away for 9 months at a stretch. All require us to come back to Singapore after 90 or 180 days. So beware, folks! Insurance agents may sell you one-year travel insurance policies, but ask them about this. All will require you come back to Singapore after a stipulated number of days or you can’t claim at all.
It blows my mind because there are so many women travelers. The nature of travel has also evolved. Women are traveling further and wider, and for more varied reasons.  And we are also traveling for more extended periods of time. So why aren’t insurance companies keeping up with trends? I think most of us professional women would be prepared to pay more for peace of mind.
So in a nutshell, I guess you can say Ning & I are firsts in fighting for full 9-month travel insurance coverage.

We managed to get 9-month coverage only because we spoke directly with Great Eastern, and they genuinely listened and empathized with our needs. What they did was to develop an exclusive travel insurance cover for both of us, despite not having that available off the rack.

In many ways, we achieved this breakthrough because Great Eastern says that its mission is to ensure people have sufficient cover and achieve peace of mind. And when challenged, they responded and acted to meet our needs! In fact, we felt brave enough to approach them because we know they have researched extensively on women through the years, and understand our needs.
We were really touched when they agreed to customize something for us. It’s very, very rare for a huge insurance giant to bow down and listen to the needs of two girls, so we are truly indebted to them.
I think in some ways, we have broken the glass ceiling for women here, and we are thankful to GE because they have given us full peace of mind to chase our dream!!!

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  1. Yes. I am glad Great Eastern is willing to bend their rules to give you exclusive cover. Indeed travel insurance is very importantso long you embark on travelling. Happy for you girls. A load off your shoulders!

    1. Dearest Lee Lee, yes it’s so important to be covered and protected because we are two girls in a foreign land and away for so long. We feel truly blessed that an insurance giant like Great Eastern would bow down and listen to us, and actually CUSTOMIZE something for us so that we can rest assured as we live our dream…. it’s unbelievable I know, but it happened. Thank GOD! — Pam

      1. hi pam
        i am looking for a 9 months travel insurance for my grand-aunty who is travelling to usa to visit her grandchildren. who is the nice guy you contact in greateastern. HELP!!!
        i have been searching the web n all insurance companies in sin offered only 180 days.
        My grand-aunty and all of us will 101% appreciate your assistance.
        Looks forward to receiving your reply……… this is sincere request…
        warmest regards

        1. Hi Phil, it’s impossible to get 9 months travel insurance from any insurance company in singapore. there is just no policy like this cos the risks are just too high! 🙁 if you want to customize, you will have to pay about 3 or 4x more for the premium. but if it’s really important to you and money is not an issue, i’d say go straight to Great Eastern. Contact them and explain to them (www.lifeisgreat.com.sg). They are the most open & progressive insurance agency, from our experience (and we went hunting everywhere for months!!!). All the best!

  2. Reading your post make me feel proud working and representing such a great company like GE. Kudos to your determinations and all the best for your trip!!

    1. Hey Gene, you work for a great company! And it’s not just Ning and me… my good friend Theresa Tan was diagnosed with early stages of Cancer and she couldn’t claim from any of her insurance policies… and she pays like $5K monthly for insurance. But Great Eastern Women read about her plight in the papers and she’s helped! I know it sounds tacky, but it’s true: It’s Great to be Woman… with GE around! *LOL* — Pam

  3. Hey Pam, I know what you mean. I took up a medical plan in which got incepted in April Last year. Low and behold, I had to be hospitalised in mid July for emergency blood transfusion. When I made claims against the plan, received a rude shock. The insurance company would not pay for according to them, there was a 120-day waiting period. I appealed but it was turned down. Even then, the advisers did not even do anything to alleviate my situation. Thank God for my doctor. He was wise to ask me to check into a government at B2, or else, don’t know how to pay for the bill.
    Lesson to all: Kindly read through the policy contract. Anything you don’t understand, you must query or will end up in my situation.

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