Wish List…

Hi folks!

After much cajoling from friends, we decided to take up their suggestions to compile a list of some of the things we’d need help in during our 9-month travels 🙂 If you can pitch in somehow, please give us a shout in the comment box below or send us an email at ning [at] adventuresof2girls.com

In return, we will credit you/ your organization in our book (to be published in Fall 2012 by Marshall Cavendish International), our regularly updated blog + website, as well as, all our social media outlets (twitter, facebook, etc.)

Thank you so much for being an angel 🙂

– Pam & Ning

1. Travel backpacks that will house everything on our backs for 9 months

2. Quick-dry clothes that can be easily cleaned and wrinkle free

3. Good walking shoes + socks so we don’t kill our feet

4. Travel jackets to keep warm and toasty

5. 1 x 1TB portable external hard drive

6. 2 x 32gb SDHC cards for photography

7. Greyhound (US bus) passes for us to travel in US & Canada

8. Train tickets allowances (US) when we aren’t traveling by bus

9. Flight allowances (a little bit goes a long way)

10. US accommodation (friends/ families/ etc)

11. Chef clogs – For Ning when she studies for her Patisserie course at Le Cordon Bleu, Pairs in summer

12. Light-weight laptop/ netbook to blog, vlog & write while traveling

13. Travel insurances for 9 months


7 Responses to Wish List…

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  4. Irene ang says:

    Pike items 3’4’12 should be ok to either sponsor or fine for u.
    Puma okie for shoes?
    Jackets can let me know how n preferred materials or brands?
    Shall we discuss above over whatsapp ladies?
    As for accommodation, let me try John kanary (motivational speaker) if u r going Canada,u can google him. Author also n famous motivational speaker I worried with.
    My cousin in Texas if u r going.I’d ask.
    As for Hawaii, I will ask Jason for u,
    And any ore countries u looking for let me know early.. I hv many friends even tho I have not much money haahahaha.
    Got friends in LA also.. If u need ya.
    Let me know when and where I’d link u girls up…
    Jia you!!!!

    as we

    • AdventuresOf2Girls.com says:

      Hey babe 🙂 Thanks! I think Pam’s contact at Timberland has said they’d like to sponsor us jackets & shoes *happy dance* Will keep you posted. Talk soon and all the best to your upcoming movie, Irene!!!! – Ning

  5. Peets says:

    It’s so much easier to help you with shoes if you add your size to it 🙂

    • AdventuresOf2Girls.com says:

      HAHA.. that is true! but different shoes and boots and heels have different shapes & sizes so it’s quite hard to! 😛

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